Photo Credits

Home Screen: Batea (tray), 17th century. Michoacan,

Mexico. Lacquered wood with inlaid lacquered

decoration, d. 56.5 cm. Hispanic Society of America

(LS1808). Photograph courtesy of Daniel Silva.

About Us: Giant Arachnid, polychrome adobe frieze (detail), c. 600 AD. North façade, Huaca de la Luna, Moche Valley Peru. Photograph by, and courtesy of Margaret A. Jackson.

Membership: Dancer in Aztec Costume, 2002, Mexico City, Mexico. Photograph by, and courtesy of Byron E. Hamann.

News: Old goddess. Maya, Late Classic, A.D. 600 – 800, Ceramic with traces of blue pigment, h. 26 cm. Princeton University Art Museum, Gift of J. Lionberger Davis, Class of 1900 (y1965-197).  Photograph by Bruce M. White, courtesy of Bryan Just.

Book Award: Cloister of Santa Catalina, 17th-18th c., Arequipa, Peru. Photograph by, and courtesy of Carolyn S. Dean.

Dissertation Awards: Rollo, mid-16th century, Tepeaca, Mexico. Photograph courtesy of Collection of Dana Leibsohn and Barbara E. Mundy

Recipients: Raza India (The Indian Race), Camilio Egas, c. 1924. Oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm. Private Collection, Quito. Photograph by: Christoph Hirtz, courtesy of Michele Greet.

Programs: Casa Rosada, 2009. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photograph by, and courtesy of John Scott.

Member Log-in: Mickey Mouse on a Oaxacan bowl, c. 1930. Photograph by, and courtesy of Jay Oles.

Credits: Molendera Cruces y Campa, c. 1870. Photograph courtesy of Jay Oles.

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