LA/Latinx Dissertations

Latin American and Latinx Dissertations in Progress

Ancient Americas [in progress]

Caris, Elizabeth, “Cultural Convergence: Moche-Wari Style Textiles and Ceramics as Tinku” (Emory, R. Stone, M. O’Neil)

Greenlee, Gaby, “Threshold Objects: Inka Textiles as Mediators of Time, Space, and Conquest from the 16th to 18th centuries” (UC Santa Cruz, C. Dean)

Lagarde, Patricia, “Facing Pilgrimage: Tenon Head Sculptures at the Ceremonial Center of Chavín de Huántar, Peru” (Tulane University, E. Boone)

Meyer, Anthony, “The Givers of Things: Nahua Religious Leaders and the Art of Making Gifts in the Mexica and Early Modern Worlds” (UCLA, S. Nair)

Rodriguez, Anabelle, “Curating Xunantunich: Conserving Ancient Maya Art and Architecture & Preserving Natural Heritage in an Urban Cultural Landscape of Western Central Belize” (Rutgers, S. Brett-Smith)

Rodríguez Pazmiño, Elena Pasionaria, “Iconographie et iconicité dans les sceaux de l’Équateur précolombien” (Université de Montréal, L. Vigneault, C. Halperin)

Wilson Norwood, Lauren. “Narrative Ceramics and Networks of Practice: West Mexican Visual Traditions in the Late Formative-Early Classic Periods” (University of New Mexico, M. Jackson)

Colonial Americas [in progress]

Baldrich, Isabel, “Caribbean Stain: Erasure and Creoleness in Parisian Art” (University of Iowa, D. Johnson)

Deij Prado, Macarena, “Public Performance and Display in Spanish America 1570–1630” (University of Florida, M. Stanfield-Mazzi)

Ficek, Agnieszka, “From Allegory to Revolution: The Inca Empire in the Eighteenth-Century French Imagination” (CUNY, J. Sund)

Gillaspie, Caroline, “Delicious Libations: Slavery and Environment in the Visual Culture of the Brazil-U.S. Coffee Trade” (CUNY, K. Manthorne)

Kane, Eleanor, “Contributing to the Ideal of the Religiosa Perfecta: Novohispanic Nuns as Art Patrons” (University of New Mexico, R. Hernández-Durán)

Meyer, Anthony, “The Givers of Things: Nahua Religious Leaders and the Art of Making Gifts in the Mexica and Early Modern Worlds” (UCLA, S. Nair)

Poindexter, Remi, “Exotic and Familiar: Constructing Martinique, 1763–1902” (CUNY, J. Sund)

Raitt, Louisa, “The Frontiers of Femininity: Self-Fashioning in Female Portraiture in Viceregal New Spain, 1665-1821” (Institute of Fine Arts, E. Sullivan)

Rivas, Carlos, “Decolonizing Aeriality in the Descripción Geográfico-Moral de la Diócesis de Goathemala, 1768–1770” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor Black)

Rodríguez Tejuca, Celia, “From the Ground Up: Picturing Scientific Knowledge in the Late Eighteenth-Century Spanish Americas” (Johns Hopkins University, A.M. Hyman)

Saylor, Miranda, “Sor María de Ágreda and Sacred Art in Eighteenth-Century Mexico” (UCLA, C. Villaseñor Black)

Ficek, Agnieszka, “From Allegory to Revolution: The Inca Empire in the Eighteenth-Century French Imagination” (CUNY, J. Sund)

Modern and Contemporary Americas [in progress]

Almeida, Laura Freitas, “Resisting Memory: Anti-Imperialist Tactics of Forgetting in Latin American Contemporary Art” (Penn State University, S. K. Rich)

Behar, Ionit, “Intimate Space and the Public Sphere: Margarita Paksa in Argentina’s Military Dictatorship” (University of Illinois at Chicago, H. Higgins, Ö. Harmansah)

Flattley, Megan, “Out of the Fragments, New Worlds: Perspective and Spatiality in the Work of Diego Rivera, 1913–1933” (Tulane University, A. Anagnost)

Fuentes, Elvis, “Bowling for Moscow: The Relationship between Soviet Visual Culture and Cuban Art, 1972–1994” (Rutgers, J. Sharp)

Gandert, Sonja Elena, “La resolana: Chicano Artistic Imaginaries of Place, Race, and Activism in New Mexico and Texas, 1969–1985” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Jojima, Tie, “Porn Art Movement, 1980–84: Body, Technology, and Subjectivity in Brazilian Art” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Larsen, Christian, “Aquarela do Brasil: Transnational Flows of Brazilian Design and Material Culture” (Bard Graduate Center, P. Kirkham)

Luis Pinlla, Gonzalo, “Public Aesthetics and Collective Studio Practices in South America 1960s–1980” (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, O. Vázquez)

Palma Huse, Daen, “Transient Visuals: Hand-Held Ephemera in Nineteenth-Century Peru” (University College London, E. Floyd)

Perry, Ana Cristina, “Raphael Montañez Ortiz and Affect as Institutional Critique from 1966–1972” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Ramos, Horacio, “Performances of Race: The Making of an Experimental Arte Popular in Peru, 1979–1990” (CUNY, A. Indych-López)

Sanchez Gomez, Antonio, “Diógenes A. Reyes’s Silhouette Biography: Print Culture and the Politics of Technology, Distance, Mediation, and Things Left Unsaid in the Transregional and Transnational History of the Colombian Caribbean (1898–1920)” (Bard Graduate Center, C. Whalen)

Turner, Madeline, “Women Artists in Mexico, 1975–1990” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan)

Valle, Luisa, “The Beehive, the Favela, the Mangrove, and the Castle: Race and Modern Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, 1885 to 1945” (CUNY, M. Gutman)

Varela, María Paula, “Goddesses and Monsters: Maria Martins’ Paradoxical Modernism” (University of Florida, K. M. Cabañas)



Latin American and Latinx Dissertations Completed

Aguilar, Margarita, “Traditions and Transformations in the Work of ADAL: Surrealism, El Sainete, and Spanglish” (CUNY, K. Manthorne) [completed in 2020/21]

Barnes, Trenton, “Emptiness and the Production of Bodies in the Architecture of Teotihuacan, Mexico” (Harvard University, Thomas B. F. Cummins) [completed in 2020/21]

Cerejido, Elizabeth, “Where Is Cuban American Art? Artistic Production, Identity Formation and Cultural Politics from the 1980s to the Present” (University of Florida, M. Stanfield-Mazzi, K. M. Cabañas) [completed in 2020/21]

Deglin, Louise, “Repetition, Recreation, Reinvention: Wari Artists and the Empire” (UCLA, S. Nair) [completed in 2022]

Driggers, Kristopher, “The History of Idolatry and the Codex Durán Paintings” (University of Chicago, C. Brittenham) [completed in 2020/21]

Frasco, Elizabeth, “American Women Artists of the New Deal and Mexico, 1934–1943” (IFA/NYU, E. Sullivan) [completed in 2020/21]

Ivey, James E., “’By the Order of the Commandant General’: Eighteenth-Century Bourbon Reforms and the Architecture of Mission San Francisco de la Espada in San Antonio, Texas” (University of New Mexico, R. Hernández-Durán) [completed in spring 2022]

McCleod, Suzanne, “’Maa-Multh-Nii People Who Came Floating In’: Analogues between Nuu-Chah-Nulth and Tlingit with Spanish Colonial Expeditions in the Eighteenth Century” (University of New Mexico, R. Hernández-Durán) [completed in spring 2020]

Occhietti, Raphaelle, “Révéler par l’art les enjeux politiques et matériels de l’économie: La monnaie, la dette, le profit et la valeur vus à travers les matières premières dans trois performances de Marta Minujín (1985, 1996, 2017)” (Université de Montréal, O. Asselin, L. Bertrand Dorléac) [completed in 2020/21]

Ortega, Emmanuel, “Testimonies of Violence: Images of Franciscan Martyrs in the Provinces of New Spain” (University of New Mexico, R. Hernández-Durán) [completed in fall 2017]

Polanco, Dominique E., “Facsimiles of Colonialism: The 1565 Pintura del gobernador, alcaldes y regidores de México and Its Reproduction” (The University of Arizona, Widdifield and Umberger) [completed in 2020/21]

Sessions, Emily, “Fertile Terrain: Botany, Art, and Power in Cuba’s Nineteenth Century” (Yale University, E. Cooke) [completed in 2020/21]

Vázquez de Arthur, Andrea, “Clay Bodies, Powerful Pots: On the Imagery and Ontology of Wari Faceneck Vessels” (Columbia University, Pasztory) [completed in 2020/21]