Art before History | Arte antes de la Historia

International Symposium

Art before History: Towards a History of Ancient Andean Art

Arte antes de la Historia: Para una Historia del Arte Andino Antiguo

June 22–24, 2016

Auditorio de Humanidades, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima

Although art of the ancient Americas has been a subject of study in art history programs in the United States, Mexico, and Europe since the 1960s, in Peru research on pre-Hispanic art and visual culture has for the most part remained within the discipline of anthropological archaeology. This symposium is designed to assess and debate the state of the field of the study of ancient Andean art and visual culture, within Peru and internationally. Invited speakers have been asked to address the disciplinary coordinates of their methodologies and theoretical approaches to ancient Andean art history and visual studies, from Cupisnique to Inka, and with reflections from colonial and modern perspectives.

The symposium is co-organized by Marco Curatola-Petrocchi, Cécile Michaud, Joanne Pillsbury, and Lisa Trever, with support from the Programa de Estudios Andinos, Maestría en Historia del Arte y Curaduría, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute.

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