Call for Papers CAA 2019

Colleagues, We welcome anyone interested to submit their papers to this session at CAA 2019. Thank you.

College Art Association Conference, New York, February 13-16, 2019

Global Missions and Artistic Exchange in the Early Modern World

  • Cristina Cruz González, Oklahoma State University
  • Katherine McAllen, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Clara Bargellini, Discussant. Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City

Synopsis: The movement of missionaries in the Early Modern world played a key role in the circulation of art objects between (and within) the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe. While this session welcomes papers that document the spread of European art within a missionary context, we are also interested in the mission as a spiritual, architectural, and geographical space that allowed for the local interpretation, importation, and production of objects. Missions themselves sometimes became distribution centers in a global world. How did the interaction between European and non-European populations give rise to complex artistic relationships within the mission enterprise, and how can we understand missionary art and architecture both within a colonial and global history of art? Proposals that offer compelling case studies or emphasize unexplored geographies and circuits of exchange are encouraged, as are papers that theorize the study of art-and-mission and engage with the historiography and recent scholarship on the subject. While we especially welcome work on the Spanish and Portuguese empires in the Americas, Africa, and Asia, papers exploring the visual culture of Dutch, French, and British missions will also be considered.

Deadline to submit paper proposals: August 6, 2018

Please submit to session chairs:,, and

Search for 3 Year Lecturer faculty position UTRGV open now

Dear Colleagues,

Please circulate to any ABD art history students or newly minted PhD colleagues that UTRGV has opened a late search for a 3 Year Lecturer position in Art History which closes June 8th (interviews begin May 28th).

Here is the advertisement for the Three Year Appointment in Art History in the School of Art, posted on our HR website (

We will be interviewing candidates on May 28th for this search, so please inform interested individuals to submit the application by this earlier date if possible. The search closes on June 8th, but we are leaving to teach study abroad in Peru so one round of interviews will begin May 28th. We will also conduct a second round closer to June 8th.
Thank you and I send my best to all,
Katherine McAllen
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley